Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

Probate is a complicated legal process that many estates must go through before the property and assets of the estate can be given to beneficiaries of the will or trust. This process is commonly used to ensure that any debts owed by the estate are paid off to creditors. If a home from the estate is being sent through probate, you should have a probate realtor by your side so that the sale of the house goes through without issue. Our team can handle all of the particulars of the sale for you, which might help relieve stress and allow you to have peace of mind about the entire probate process.

What the Probate Process Entails

Probate is an oftentimes lengthy process that the majority of estates are required to go through. Before the probate process begins in earnest, someone will be appointed to be an executor of the estate. In most cases, the executor of the estate is named in the will or trust. If no one is named in the will, someone will be chosen to act as an executor by the probate court. The will must then be proven to be valid, which typically requires a combination of signatures on the document, witnesses to each signature, and notaries. 

Once the will has been officially proven, the property from the estate will be identified and properly inventoried. While the majority of assets can’t be given to beneficiaries until the probate process has been completed, a home can be placed on the market by the executor of the will. All properties are appraised during probate. It’s at this point that any remaining taxes or debts that were owed by the deceased individual are paid. Any assets that remain after this point will be distributed according to what was written in the will. If there is no official will, the probate court will determine who should receive the assets. 

How Do I Sell My Home In Probate?

If you and some other heirs are the beneficiaries of a home, you may be wondering if it’s possible to sell this property while the probate process is ongoing. Probate can take anywhere from a few months to a few years. If you want to be able to sell the home during this lengthy process, it’s possible to do so with the help of a probate realtor such as ours. The executor of the will is responsible for appraising the property in question, which refers to the value of the property. Once the property value has been ascertained, the home must sell for at least 90 percent of the appraised value.

The home will then be listed and marketed. Any property that’s being sold in probate is listed as a probate sale. When a buyer is bidding for a home that’s in probate, they are required to provide a 10 percent deposit along with their offer, which can then be rejected by the heirs to the property. If the representative of the state agrees to the offer, a date will be set for the sale to eventually be finalized in court. 

When the offer has been fully accepted, a notice will be sent to all heirs that details the terms of the sale. All heirs will then have 15 days to look at the notice and put forth any objections. The sale can proceed without a hearing in court if no objections are raised. If one heir raises objections but the other is wholly content with the terms, the probate process can become contentious, which is what a probate realtor can help with. This process is very difficult to understand if you’ve never gone through it before, which is why you should request the assistance of a certified probate real estate specialist to lessen the possibility of costly mistakes.

The Importance of Hiring a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist

The probate process is a highly complex one that involves probate attorneys as well as the court system. This process can become even more complicated if there are numerous heirs that are involved in the process. As such, it takes a reputable and professional probate specialist to manage the differing temperaments and emotions that will invariably surface throughout probate. With our certified probate real estate specialist by your side, you will be provided with a detailed probate timeline that you can adhere to throughout the process. 

Our specialist will highlight what your expectations should be while also providing deliverables and avoiding any unnecessary delays. With us, you get more than a real estate agent. When you retain the services of our team, you’ll be provided with a highly professional and trusted advisor. We’ll be able to help you understand the probate process and can guide you through every facet of it. 

There are many significant benefits that come with hiring a probate realtor. For one, the selling expertise that we have is typically able to minimize the disagreements between heirs that can occur during the home selling process. We can also assist with home repairs, inspections of the property, and bids on your home to make sure that everything is going according to plan. You’ll also benefit from having a trusted advisor on hand who can answer any question that you might have during the probate process. 

Our certified specialists have extensive knowledge of wills, trusts, and estate settlements, which allows us to handle the complicated probate process with ease. It’s common for an estate to go through a lengthy probate process because the will wasn’t written properly or simply because everyone involved doesn’t know how to navigate this process. Our probate agents have comprehensive knowledge of the probate code and should be able to get your real estate through this process without too many hurdles or delays.

If you’re an heir to an estate that’s about to go through the probate process, contact our certified real estate specialist today so that we can provide you with the quality assistance and advice that you deserve.