Northern Virginia Luxury Report

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Luxury Report

Northern Virginia

Comprehensive Monthly Luxury Report

October Highlights for Luxury Market Report

  • The report is a guide to the luxury real estate market in North American and in-depth statistics about Northern Virginia.  It provides an overall analysis with trends, and showcases comparative data on the top-residential markets throughout Canada and the United States.
  • This month’s report showcases the market statistics for North America month over month as well as the 13 month trend.
  • As demand for luxury homes is decreasing and continuing putting pressure on the value of these properties, is it still possible for see an escalation of wealth?
  • We explore some of the niche opportunities available in the current market.
  • Recognizing that the affluent are forgoing materialistic goods and investing more in comfortable environments that create a sense of wellness.
  • From opportunities for homeowners in the traditional market to step into high price points to growth occurring in secondary markets
  • We review how developers are also leveraging niche markets from gentrification to redesign of of mega mansions.
  • It is my responsibility as your REALTOR to ensure that when others around you are lowering their expectations, that it is the time us to switch gears and discover how to leverage these the market effectively to achieve your goals.