Senior Real Estate Specialist

The Value of Choosing a Senior Real Estate Specialist

When it comes to real estate agents, it is important to know that not every professional is equally suited to assist you and your unique needs. There are so many types of housing that one needs to be concerned about, which is why agents go through different levels of certification. A Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES), for example, is specifically trained to help find solutions suitable for elder care. As people age, their housing situation is likely to change over time. It is important to understand those needs as they relate to furniture, accessibility issues, and proximity to medical care among others. This is where the services that an SRES provides can come in rather useful.

Who Does an SRES Appeal To?

An SRES is going to appeal to a broad range of people. Children who are not able to live near their parents will want to work with a specialist to determine the best place for their aging parents. This is a professional who understands the area that one wishes to live in and can work to find a housing arrangement that is beneficial to all parties involved. In most cases, this will involve downsizing. An SRES can work to help elderly individuals sell many of their personal assets in the home so that they are much more comfortable in their new location. A specialist will also appeal to families who are looking to include properly in a trust or will. Understanding elder law here is important, and that is what an SRES brings to the table.

What Resources and Benefits Does an SRES Offer?

To begin with, the elderly often have unique financing needs. In not all circumstances will they want to pay cash for a new home. An SRES can explore a range of options including reverse mortgage, long term care facilities, and more. This is a benefit that such a specialist brings over a real estate agent who has no knowledge in this area. Another benefit of using an SRES is that they can provide relocation services as well.

What Facilities Are Available Through an SRES?

No matter if you are upsizing or downsizing, an SRES can provide a number of different facilities that are suitable options. We have some great options in both Virginia and California that we can deal with directly. In addition, we are included in a network of providers that can assist with complete relocation services both across the United States and internationally.

When it comes down to it, the aged among us need special assistance when determining how to make their next move. A Senior Real Estate Specialist is able to offer the expertise that families need to make the right decision. We have some free guides available to download here. Please do so and learn why I have gone through considerable effort to obtain the SRES designation. It will be my pleasure to talk with and assist you at some point in the near future.